Searching the Scripture Studies & Message Mates - by Series

Current Series:      
Changing Wanderers into Worshipers      
Searching the Scripture Studies Archive:      
A Life Well Lived      
A Living Hope.  Easter 2017      
Abraham: One Nomad's Amazing Journey of Faith      
Absolute Essentials      
Adventuring With God      
Balancing Grace With Love      
Becoming A People Of Grace      
Beholding Christ... The Son of God      
Biblical Parenting      
Can One Person Make A Difference?      
Celebrate and Trust God      
Changing Wanderers into Worshipers      
Character Counts: Building a Life that Pleases God      
Creating A Legacy      
Cultivating A Dynamic Ministry      
Daniel Vol 1      
Daniel Vol 2      
David: A Man of passion and Destiny      
Dropping Your Guard      
Easter 2010      
Easter 2011      
Easter 2012: Victory on a Triumphant Morning      
Easter 2013: The Morning They Shouted, “He Is Risen!”      
Easter 2014: When the Presence of Hope Arose      
Easter 2015: No Morning Was Ever Brighter      
Easter 2016: As Dawn Arrived ... He Arose      
Easter 2017: A Living Hope      
Easter Message Collection: He Is risen!  (2010-2016)      
Easter 2018: Miracle Announced from a Tomb: “He Is Risen!”      
Encouraging Essentials for a Dynamic Ministry      
Encouraging Words For Discouraging Days      
Esther - A Woman of Strength and Dignity      
Exalting Christ ... The Lamb of God      
Excellence In Ministry, Starting Strong.  1 Tim 1 - 3      
Excellence In Ministry, Finishing Well.  1 Tim 4 - 6      
Experience the Land and the Book      
Family Matters: Investing in the Things That Last      
Fascinating Stories of Forgotten Lives      
Finding Healing through Forgiveness      
Following Christ ... The Man of God      
Fullness of Grace      
Getting Through The Tough Stuff: It's Always Something!      
Gloria in Excelsis Deo      
God's Masterwork Volume 1  (Genesis -Deuteronomy)      
God's Masterwork Volume 2  (Joshua-Esther)      
God's Masterwork Volume 3  (Job-Daniel)      
God's Masterwork Volume 4  (Hosea-Malachi)      
God's Masterwork Volume 5  (Matthew-Acts)      
God's Masterwork Volume 6  (Romans-Philemon)      
God's Masterwork Volume 7  (Hebrews-Revelation)      
Growing Deep in the Christian Life      
Growing Up In God's Family      
God's Hands on Human Clay      
Guilt, Grace & Gratitude      
Hand Me Another Brick      
Hilarious Generosity      
Holiday Messages 2010      
Holiday Messages 2011: A 3D Christmas      
Holiday Messages 2012: From Heaven to Earth      
Holiday Messages 2013: Mystery and Majesty      
Holiday Messages 2014: Probing Deeper Into the Incarnation      
Holiday Messages 2015: Divine Love and Grace      
Holiday Messages 2016: The Greatest Words      
Holiday Messages 2017: God Knows What He's About      
Hope For Our Troubled Times      
How Great Is Our God      
Impact of a Faithful Father, The      
Imprint of a Faithful Mother, The      
Insights on 1 Peter: Hope Again - When Life Hurts & Dreams Fade      
Insights on 2 Peter: Conquering Through Conflict      
Insights on Romans Vol 1: The Christian's Constitution  (Romans 1-8)      
Insights on Romans Vol 2: The Christian's Constitution  (Romans 9-16)      
James: Hands-On Christianity      
Jesus: The Servant at Work, Vol 4      
Jesus: The Greatest Life of All      
Joseph: A Man of Integrity & Forgiveness      
Laugh Again: Experience Outrageous Joy      
Leading Your Children from Wayward to Wise      
Life Lessons Just For Men      
Life Lessons Just for Women      
Listener Favourites, Vol 2 : Wisdom for Home and Work      
Listener Favourites, Vol 3 : Walk Humbly With your God      
Listener Favourites, Vol 4 : Our Best for His Highest      
Living on the Ragged Edge: Coming to Terms with Reality      
Living Portraits of the Church      
Living Right in a Wrong World      
Loving One Another      
Meeting God in Familiar Places      
Mother's Day 2010: The Imprint of a Faithful Mother      
New Testament Postcards      
New Year Message 2011: A Year For Letting Go      
New Year Messages 2012      
New Year Message 2013: Living The life      
New Year Message 2014: Another Year … Get a Life      
New Year Message 2016: Rules for Running a Rewarding Race      
Parenting: From Surviving to Thriving      
Paul's Swan Song      
Practical Christian Living      
Questions Christians Ask      
Resolving Family Conflicts      
Revelation - Unveiling the End, Act 3: The Final Curtain      
Searching the Scriptures      
Shield Your Eyes      
Simple Faith      
So, You Want to be Like Christ      
Songs for All Seasons from the Psalms      
Special Message 2015: What Every Believer Must Never Forget      
Special Words For Special People      
Staying Pure in a World Gone Wild      
Strengthening Your Grip      
Strike The Original Match      
Suddenly One Morning      
Supernatural Living in a Secular World      
The Church Awakening      
The Grace Awakening      
The Great Commission      
The Sanctity of Life … the Inescapable issue      
Things That Hinder Your Years at Seminary      
Things To Stop And Start      
Timely Reminders of Timeless Truths      
Tough Grace in Difficult Place: Titus      
What If ....?      
Wise Counsel For Troubled Times      

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