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“But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behaviour in Christ may be ashamed of their slander.”
1 Peter 3:15–16 NIV11
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Christmas is an important time on the Christian calendar as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Over the past 100 years or so, this day of annual celebration has become known more for its extravagant gift-giving, than the celebration of God’s gift, His son.

We want to help make Christmas special for you and your family, so please enjoy the range of articles, messages and activities that will help make your family’s Christmas Gifts about very special.
Featured Article
Giving the Unexpected
Charles R. Swindoll

There are various ways to describe it: turning the other cheek . . . going the extra mile . . . doing good to those who hate us . . . loving our enemies . . . pouring coals of fire on another’s head. We may say it different ways, but the action amounts to the same hing. By doing the unexpected, we accomplish a twofold objective: (1) we put an end to bitterness, and (2) we prove the truth of the age-old axiom, love overwhelmingly conquers. fake rolex watches

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Featured Book
A Promise Kept: A Pictorial Journey of the Coming of Christ
by Insight for Living

Awaken your imagination to the authentic Christmas story! Picture yourself in the real-life drama of history—His story, the birth of Jesus Christ.  Observe the familiar scene through new eyes. Thirty devotionals and spectacular photographs—some depicting the actual places where the events occurred—combine to tell the story and stimulate your faith.
Visualize yourself standing in the field at night when the heavens broke open and a million supernatural beings lit up the sky and started shouting. Glory to God in the highest! 
See yourself sitting with Joseph when he realized he needed to protect his young family from people who wanted to kill the Baby.  And they would have if he hadn’t done something!
These are some of the people and events that make this story great—indeed, the greatest story of history. This is the true account of Jesus’s miraculous birth—the story you are invited to experience through words and pictures in A Promise Kept: A Pictorial Journey of the Coming of Christ.
You’ll also find fascinating insights about life in Bible times. And, as a bonus, we’ve included discussion questions to encourage individuals, families, or small groups to go deeper into God’s Word and the Christmas story.
(72 page, Soft Cover Book)

Other books in this coffe-table, devotional book series:

STSPB  Sunday to Sunday: A Pictorial Journey through the passion Week
TYJPB   Three Years With Jesus: A Pictorial Journey Through the Minsitry of Christ.

Product code: PRKPB
Cost: $12.95

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Featured Study
Beholding Christ ... The Son of God
by Insight for Living

NT Book Studies: John 1 - 5 (study guide, contains 12 studies)

01-"That You May Believe" - Survey of John
02-Prelude to Deity - John 1:1-18
03-A Man Sent from God - John 1:6-8, IS, 19-34
04-Five Who Followed in Faith - John 1:35-51
05-Wine...Coins...and Signs - John 2
06-Brainstorming the New Birth - John 3:1-21
07-The Preacher Who Lost His Congregation - John 3:22-36
08-Water for a Thirsty Woman - John 4:1-42
09-Healing at a Distance - John 4:46-54
10-An Expose of Legalism - John 5:1-18
11-The Claims of the Christ - John 5: 17 -30
12-Witnesses for the Defence - John 5:31-47

Product code: BSG
Cost: SALE $5.00 regular $10.00

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Featured Audio/Video
A Bethlehem Christmas, CD series
by Charles Swindoll

Ever wondered what it was like at that first Christmas? What did Joseph think? How did Mary feel? Did they understand the significance of the indescribable gift God had given?

In this four-part audio message series, A Bethlehem Christmas, Chuck Swindoll breathes life into the typical answers, creatively retelling the biblical account of Christ’s birth through the eyes of Mary, Joseph, and the angel Gabriel.  Travel back in time with Chuck and rediscover God’s glorious gift to humanity.

(4 messgaes on 4 CDs)

Product code: HM07DNG
Cost: $12.95

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