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Bible Characters

Our world desperately needs models worth following. Authentic heroes. People of integrity whose lives inspire us to take God seriously, to follow His Word obediently, to pursue Christ passionately.
Thankfully, the Bible places before us a spiritual “hall of fame”—raw, uncensored, gritty stories of men and women sometimes soaring, often stumbling, through the incredible life of faith. They wrestled with sin, experienced God’s grace, struggled with weakness, and overcame by faith. Their inspiring biographies have been memorialized in Scripture, not simply because of their faith in God but because of God’s faithfulness to them.
These great lives from God’s Word not only provide realistic portraits for appreciation but also relevant principles for application.

A Reflection of Christ: A Lesson from the Life of Joseph
A Unique Spokesperson: A Lesson from the Life of Elijah
Amazing Grace on Display
Authentic Ministry: A Lesson from the Life of Paul
Bathsheba: Walking Into Adultery
Becoming A Man or Woman After God's Own Heart
Being A True Friend
Cracks in the Foundation
Character: It's Been Buried Long Enough
Delilah: Tempting A Man To Death
Despite Your Circumstances
Dong Time in a First Century Prison
God Is Faithful
God Will Be With You
Handling Adversity
Hope Beyond Failure
How to Trust When You're Troubled
Is God Really in Control?
It Brought Down a King; It'll Do the Same to You
It's Not About You
Life is Difficult: A Lesson from the Life of Job
Micah and His Message
My Lord and My God!
Not Forgotten: A Lesson from the Life of Esther
Rahab: Demonstrating Courageous Faith
Strength and Dignity
The Apostle of Affection
The Reckless Phony
Time With God
Unique Techniques: A Lesson from the Life of David
When God Says "No" ... Pray
When Your Mother Thinks You’re Crazy


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