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Develop a tough hide and soft heart

Do you ever feel that finding all the resources you need for successful parenting is an impossible task? On any given day, a parent may need to have handy a child psychology manual, a fix-it-yourself instruction guide, a volume on basic theology, and a good book on emergency first aid!

While you may not find all of those on this page, we believe you will find the resources here to be practical, invaluable, and uplifting as you seek to shape the hearts of your children. With these tools at your side, you can begin to see the role of parenting as not only one of the most challenging experiences but also one of the most rewarding.

Whatever stage of parenting you’re at, Insight for Living wants to equip you with helpful tools to help transform your relationship with your children from a struggle to survive into a lifelong love that thrives.


A Better Way to Train Up A Child
A Dad's Greatest Gift
A Gallery of Memories
A Gift for Dad
A Tribute
An Ordinary Home Can Be a Holy Place
Analysing Unselfishness
Be Tolerant
Becoming Real
Beyond Today
Challenges of Siblings
Christmas All Year Long
C’mon Dads
Count Your Blessings
Creating a Legacy: Preparing the Stones
Dating My Daughter
Don’t Take It Easy
Easy Ways to Help a Family in Need
Everyday Events: Teachable Moments
Finding a Middle Way through the Midway
Five Cheers for Mum
For Dads
Ghosts and the Gospel
Good News and Bad News
Growing Old
Having the Grace to Say "Yes"
Help Me understand: Successful Parenting
Holding on Loosely
Honouring Men of Character
How to Cross Communication Barriers
imPerfect Plans
In Good Hands
In Their Eyes
Knowing Your Child
Letting Go, Looking Up
Life, Love & Hotdogs
Losing Our Training Wheels
May Your Children Rise Up & Call You Blessed
Miles That Matter
Morality Is Not the Point
Morality Is Still Not the Point
Mother's Day
Mother's Indelible Impression
My Life Is Not THE Story
Never Underestimate a Mother’s Love
Preschoolers and Theology
Preventing Sexual Abuse in Children
Reach for a Towel
Redeeming the Seasons of Life
Root of Rebellion
Shake It Up a Little
Sincere Faith at Home
Taking It Easy with Time and Touch
Taking Off the Gloves and Making Up
Teach Your Children Well
Teaching a Social Conscience
Teenagers Can Be Terrific Teachers
The Dangers of Growing More Like Christ
The Greatest Influence
The Heartbeat of the Home
The Most Important Things
The Night After Christmas
The One Thing Your Father Needs
The Plan in a Child's Heart

The Reckless Phony
The Three Most Powerful Words
The Way
Things I've Learned from Raising Kids
Things My Mother Taught Me
Three Tips for Your Family
Time for Parenting
Tips for Teaching Kids Truth
To the Fatherless
Training for Life
Use Your Imagination!
What Do You Look For?
What Is a Christian Family?
What Should I Say to Hurting People?
When the Bible Sinks In
Wooing the Wayward: Loving Your Prodigal
Yes, Your Children Can Understand Theology—and Paws & Tales Can Help!



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