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Listen to Insight for Living on Demand

With the Insight for living Australia APP you can catch up with any programs you may have missed. This simple to use APP enables you to listen to Insight for Living on demand. As part of your morning devotion, or during an afternoon walk, with the press of a button you can tune in where you left off.



Trusted Biblical Teaching

Charles R. Swindoll has dedicated his life to the accurate, practical teaching and application of God's Word. With the Insight for Living APP you will gain access to a wealth of Biblical Teaching you can listen to on demand. The Insight for Living APP features our daily program, our weekend program, one minute short features, and more.



Easy to Use

The Insight for Living APP is easy to navigate, with clear menus you will be listening to Insight for Living in a matter of moments. Simply open the APP, select the series you want to listen to, choose the message, and press play.



Download the Insight for Living App Today

The Insight for Living APP is free to download and free to listen to. To download our APP please select from one of the icons below.