Jesus Christ, Our All in All: A Study of Colossians

You won’t find a better snapshot of the Christian faith than the punchy little letter from the apostle Paul, which we call Colossians.

Packed with profound truths about Jesus, urgent warnings against false teaching, and insightful guidance about living out our Christian identity—Colossians proves just as relevant and significant today as it was when Paul first penned it nearly 2,000 years ago.


01) A Letter for Then and Now
02) A Prayer Worth Remembering and Modeling
03) Crowning Christ as Lord of All
04) A Precise Explanation of Ministry
05) Counsel from a Concerned Apostle
06) Living Forgiven … Living Free
07) Spot-On Advice from a Seasoned Coach
08) Wherever, Whatever, Whenever, However … Christ!
09) A Brief Checklist for Believers
10) A Fond and Friend-Filled Farewell