It’s not how you start, but how you finish.

Although no man began with more promise than Solomon, Chuck Swindoll’s series warns us not to follow in his footsteps by giving into temptation, sensuality, defiance, and cynicism. Be careful: If the great Solomon who started out so well could fall, then so can you.


1) Stepping into Big Sandals
2) Solomon in Living Colour
3) Signs of Erosion
4) When the Heart is Turned Away
5) How God Deals with Defiance
6) Sound Advice from an Old Rebel
7) A Plea for Godliness
8) Needed: A Godly Mind

1) Jonah: The Reluctant Prophet

Chuck Swindoll begins his series on Jonah, not by immersing us in the intricate details of this literary masterpiece but by giving us a bird’s-eye-view of the book.

Immediately, we’ll learn how running from God is a theological impossibility and how running with God is a remarkable discovery.

No matter the season in which you find yourself, whether you feel distant from God or close, listen in to the first message of Chuck’s nine-part series on Jonah and get a fresh insight into God’s Word.


2) Resistance of a Racist Rebel

Jonah 1:1-12

The word of God came to Jonah, but Jonah turned away. God said to go east; Jonah went west. God said to speak; Jonah stayed silent. Did this rebel prophet thwart God’s plan? What happens when people today learn of God’s plan for their lives but choose to sidestep it?

Chuck Swindoll teaches us about the God who pursues. Learn how the grace of God shines through even in the rebellious turn of a racist prophet.



3) Prayers Onboard—Prophet Overboard! 

Jonah 1:9-17

The storms of life shock us, get our attention, teach us who’s in charge, and often lead us to our knees before the throne of God. For Jonah, it was an actual storm. God created a violent wind on the waters to get Jonah hurled out of the ship and into the sea. Good thing for Jonah, God appointed a fish to swallow him as a divine rescue.

Chuck Swindoll teaches us how to walk through the storms of life. While God likely won’t offer you relief in the belly of a fish, it’s still wise to be ready for a divine surprise.


4) Finally ... Jonah Connects the Dots 

Jonah 2:1-10

Before the fish swallowed Jonah, he thought he was a goner. But the prophet came to his senses. From that dark, slimy chapel, Jonah uttered the prayer we read in chapter 2—the text of this sermon. What would you pray while overnighting in the belly of a fish?

Chuck Swindoll uses the prayer of Jonah to teach us how to pray to the same God, the Lord of heaven and earth, who made the seas and all that is in them.


5) God of the Second Chance 

Jonah 3:1-4

So rich, so reliable, so spiritually satisfying—the Bible can use just a few words to convey worlds of theology. In his study of Jonah 3:1–4, Chuck Swindoll teaches us about the riches of God’s grace and abundance of mercy from that quaint phrase, “the Lord came to Jonah a second time."

Hear about the God of second chances. Do you need a second chance?


6) Proclamation, Transformation, Compassion

Jonah 3:3-10

Jonah obeyed when God came to him a second time. Jonah journeyed east to Nineveh and delivered what just might be the shortest sermon ever preached.

As God’s message of truth spread through Nineveh, God ensured that a seed of just a few words sprouted a full harvest of spiritual fruit. Every Ninevite, perhaps as many as 600,000, turned away from their brutal and wicked ways toward the living God.

What did God do? He averted His judgment. Chuck Swindoll walks us through the remainder of Jonah chapter three to teach us the power of God’s Word and the grace in God’s heart; He’d much rather replace destruction with compassion.


7) The Grumblings of an Angry Prophet

Jonah 3:10-4:5

While the marvelous repentance of the Ninevites unfolded before the eyes of the prophet Jonah, how did Jonah respond? With complaining and grumbling! The rebellious prophet still held a tinge, probably more, of racism leaving him crestfallen over the Ninevites’ positive response to God’s message.

While it’s natural to live resentful and selfish because we’re sinful, fallen beings, Chuck Swindoll teaches us a better way so we can avoid the way of Jonah and, instead, walk in the way of Jesus.


8) Ticked Off to the Bitter End

Jonah 4:5-11

Before, God hurled a storm and appointed a fish to get Jonah’s attention. Jonah eventually complied and walked the entire city preaching.

After Jonah obeyed and then grew furious, the Almighty didn’t cast him aside. God cared about Jonah as much as He cared about the Ninevites, so He appointed a plant, a worm, and a wind to, once again, get the prophet’s attention. Sadly, Jonah simply didn’t get God’s message.

Join Chuck Swindoll as he examines the remaining verses of this literary masterpiece, the book of Jonah. Learn about the character of God, who is not willing that any perish but that they turn to Him for renewal and grace. Do you know someone in need of that grace?


9) Lessons Learned from a Stubborn Preacher

Selections from Jonah

As we reach the end of our study of the book of Jonah, it’s fitting that we really let it sink in. It’s one thing to go through the book of Jonah but quite another to have that divine word go through us.

Chuck Swindoll, in this last sermon on Jonah, teaches us four principles from Jonah that can help us in our walk with Jesus. Listen in and learn what Jonah never did.