The King's Ministry: A Study of Matthew 14-20

Iconic scenes fill Matthew 14–20, like Jesus miraculously feeding thousands of people from a basket of fish and bread, walking upon the stormy Sea of Galilee, and healing the blind men.

But as Jesus’ public ministry grew, so did those who opposed Him. The increasing hostility, however, only brought added clarity to the whole purpose of His ministry—to serve rather than be served.

Pastor Chuck Swindoll carefully explores these vital chapters to strengthen our faith in God’s Son, Jesus the Christ, a King like no other.


01) The Strangest of All Gifts: A Beheading
02) Eating a Miracle for Dinner
03) What Brings Us to Our Knees?
04) Spiritual Blind Spots
05) Feeding Scraps to a “Dog”
06) Touches of Compassion on Tons of Needs
07) Testy Critics and Dull Disciples
08) Answering Life’s Ultimate Question
09) Three Nevers We Must Never Forget
10) A Terrifying Glimpse of Glory
11) Micro-Faith and Mountainous Obstacles
12) Death and Taxes
13) Life Lessons We Learn from Children
14) Caring Enough to Confront
15) How Often Should We Forgive?
16) E-Harmony vs. Disharmony
17) Who Has the Most Toys?
18) Lessons Learned from a Fat Camel
19) Let’s Let God Be God
20) A Roadside Reminder and Reproof
21) Seeing Ourselves through Blind Eyes