Christian Living

Christian Living


The Christian life sure is difficult sometimes, isn't it? God asks us to leave behind our selfishness and devote ourselves to Jesus Christ in the service of others. This journey has a clear beginning and an even clearer end, but its path is littered with dangerous obstructions and precarious curves. Thankfully, its destination provides lasting, eternal rewards. Chances are you have experienced the difficulty of losing your way on the journey. We've all been tempted to stray, to step away from the fundamentals of authentic Christian living toward the more immediate fulfillments we desire for ourselves. But God calls us to a life devoted to studying the Scriptures, to prayer, and most important, to knowing Christ Himself.

Let these articles, audio sermons, and resources remind you that the goal isn't just reaching our heavenly destination but walking closely with Jesus as we get there.


A Battle for Integrity
A Joyful Heart ... It's Good Medicine!
A Reason to Smile
A Season for Humble Gratitude
A Sheltering Tree
A Weekly Furlough for Your Pastor
Act Medium
Attitude Check
Back Door Blessing
Battle of the Will
Becoming Real
Behind Closed Doors
Beyond Today
Changing Our Minds, Changing Our Lives
Christ's Return
Chuck’s Insights on a Life Well Lived
Commence Prayer
Compassion as a Lifestyle
Conforming or Transforming
Creating a Legacy: Preparing the Stones
Creativity and Tenacity
Cultivating a Tender Heart and a Tough Hide
Dirty Water, Prohibition, and the Bible
Discovering the "Missing Jewel" of the Church
Do Not Quarrel on the Way
Faith in the Workplace
Faith or Family
Forgotten Side of Success
Four Commandments for Graduates
Funny Truth
Go for It
God at Work on the Inside
God Knows Your Ways
Grace Is Life
Growing In Grace and Responsibility
Handed Over to Satan?
Hidden Truths about Persecution
How Do I Respond to Someone Who Has Hurt Me?
How to Stop Expecting Perfection
How to Waste Your Time This Year
Humility Has a Selective Memory
I Want You to Have Raw-Oyster Courage
In All Things Give Thanks
In the Bleak Mid-Winter
It Brought Down a King, It'll Do the Same to You
It Takes Courage
It Takes Grace to Get Along
It's Been Buried Long Enough
It's Not About You
It's Time to Embrace Grace by Embracing the Unlovely
Joy is a Choice
Joyful Generosity
Let’s Be Thankful for Angels
Life Lessons from the Arena
Living with a Kingdom Mentality
Looking at the Big Picture...and Finding Hope
Losing Our Training Wheels
Ministry on the Ragged Edge in Poland
Morality Is Not the Point
Morality Is Still Not the Point
Needed Today: A Ministry of Encouragement
Out and About
Peace that Exceeds Understanding
Peering Into the Crucible
Ragged-Edge Faith and Reckless Generosity
Redeeming the Seasons of Life
Sanctity of Life
Seasoned Wisdom for the Seasons of Life
Seeing above the Clouds
Seven Ways to Cultivate Joy
Shake It Up a Little
Sharing Your Testimony
Sharper than a Two-Edged Sword
Sins That Stifle Love and Unity
Solitude: A Vital Factor in Growing Closer to God
Strengthening Your Grip on Money
The Gift for the Person Who Has Everything
The Joys of Generosity
The Three-Second Pause
The Winsome Witness
Three Cheers for Graduates!
Time with God
Transformed by Grace
Truth with Tenderness
Two Suggestions for Becoming Great
Unearthing Our Walk with Christ
Walking with You
What Does "Trusting God" Mean?
When God Says "No"... Pray
When Life Meets Life
Women Elders, No. Women Deacons, Yes
Ya Gotta Have Heart
You Can Make a Difference