The problem with an often-told story is trying to hear it the way it originally unfolded and affected people. The Christmas story is a prime example ... familiar to us and (yawn, ho-hum) ... predictable. But the events surrounding the birth of Jesus were anything but expected! So much so that most of the Jewish people who were eagerly waiting for their Messiah totally missed His arrival!

Insight for Living offers a number of resources — including audio messages, a radio theater production, a beautiful picture book, and more — that help you see the Christmas story from a fresh, new angle. See this wondrous event through the eyes of the ordinary, everyday people whom God chose to involve. You’ll come away with a better understanding of the original meaning behind it all and with a heart bursting with gratitude for the incarnation of the Son of God.



A Gift Too Wonderful for Words
A Hodgepodge of Goings On & Doings
A Season for Humble Gratitude
Be Careful This Christmas
Christ’s Birth – Catching a Glimpse of Its Magnificence
Christmas All Year Long
Dealing With Holiday Loneliness
Giving the Unexpected
Glimpses of Christmas Around the World
God's Unusual Leading
Good, But Not Nice.
Growing Closer to God: Celebrating Jesus
Looking at the Big Picture ... and Finding Hope
My Advice This Christmas
My Lord and My God!
Of Prophets and Angels
Operation Arrival
Peace on Earth
Strangely Wrapped, Silently Delivered
Summer in Australia: Heralding Our Heavenly King
The Cure for Christmas Cynicism
The Gift for the Person Who Has Everything
The Gift I Didn't Know I Wanted
The Night After Christmas
Unwrap Joy This Christmas
Unwrapping Myself At Christmas
What Do We Tell the Children?
When Santa Fails To Deliver