Cling to God's promises

A crisis isn’t just defined by those events that you’ve feared in your worst nightmares. It includes events that you have never imagined could happen — circumstances that completely blindside you and leave you reeling and struggling to regain some kind of foothold. It’s crucial in these times to know where your foundation is and to return to the truths that you embraced before your crisis knocked you over. In short, you must cling to the promises of our unchanging, compassionate God — who alone offers hope when and where it’s most needed.


Use the resources on this page to be your handrails and toeholds as you struggle to stay on your feet and apply God’s Word in the midst of crises.




Asking Why
Commence Prayer
Committing to the Road Less Travelled
Crisis Management
Everybody’s Got Stuff
Firm Footing for Life's Landslides
God Doesn't Waste Our Suffering
Handling Adversity
How Do I Survive Losing a Loved One?
How to Trust When You're Troubled
Imperfect Plans
Is God Really in Control?
It's Okay
Just Wondering
Our Tragedy, God's Glory
Somewhere Down the Road
Surviving Crisis In Marriage
The Hiding Place
The Holy Spirit’s Power and Presence in Times of Crisis
The Lord Bless You ...
Through It All
Unquenchable Hope
What Should I Say to Hurting People
What You Never Expected
When Tragedy Hits ... Where Does Faith Fit In?