Gain clear direction from God’s Word

Christian marriages rarely succeed in today’s environment without suffering from the world’s secular influence. Divorce in Christian circles is more tolerated today than it was a few generations ago. Why is that? What has changed?

Some Christians find themselves forced into a divorce they don’t want. How long is too long to fight for a marriage that’s failing? While we can’t address all possible situations, the resources you’ll find here will answer some pressing questions and, more important, they will point you to the Author of reconciliation, forgiveness, and healing.


A Clean Slate: How to Forgive Someone Who Has Hurt You
Bathsheba: Walking into Adultery
Delilah: Tempting a Man to Death
Despite Your Circumstances
Greener-Grass Syndrome
Marital Grace
Passive Men, Wild Women
Protecting Your Marriage from Its Greatest Threat
Reality Check
The Power of Truth: Helping Your Husband Break Free from Internet Pornography
The Shocking Truth: Dealing With Your Husband's Internet Sex Habits
The Three-Second Pause
What Do I Do When I Feel Lonely?
What the Bible Says about Lust
When God Says "No"... Pray
When He's Not Leading