God's Will

God's Will


Seek His Word to learn His heart.

A tragic accident takes a husband from his family. The unexpected loss of a job leaves parents and children fearful and without provision. A young woman continues to wait for marriage, but each of her boyfriends says he still needs more time.

Sometimes we have the idea that if we just knew what direction to take, following God would be easier. But it never seems to work that way. How is God operating in our lives? Can we really know His will, and, if so, how can we know it? The resources on this page are designed to help guide you as you seek to know and follow God’s will for your life.



Battle of the Will
Creativity and Tenacity
Following God's Plan - Fulfilling Your Purpose
Go for It
God Knows Your Ways
God's Unusual Leading
Going ... Yet Not Knowing
Help Me Understand Suffering
Hope in the Face of Doubt: Mountaintops and Deserts
Hope in the Face of Doubt: Why Did Elijah Run?
How Can I Discover God's Will?
Is God Really in Control?
Is Your Camel Tied Up?
It Takes Courage
Knowing the Wills of God
Rocks and Milestones
Seeing the World Through God’s Eyes
The Problem with Prayer
The Real Reason We’re Doing What We’re Doing
The Secret of Letting Go
Three Easy Ways to Make a Wise Decision
Trust my Foundation; Focus on Now; Hope for the Future
What Does "Trusting God" Mean?
When God Says "No"...Pray