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In 2011, a major publisher released a book highlighting all the things men think about when they aren’t thinking about sex. It has become a national bestseller. And what is included within the pages of this bestseller? Nothing. It’s a book of blank pages.

Whether you think such a book is ridiculous, humorous, or in poor taste, you must admit that we live in a sex-saturated society. A day rarely passes when men aren’t tempted to let their eyes and their minds wander into places they have no business being in. In such a society, remaining morally pure is a difficult task for men . . . but not impossible.

The resources on this page will serve as an encouragement to any man who wants to pursue a morally pure life. And for those who have regrets, you’ll also find grace, forgiveness, and some suggested tools to help you maintain purity in an impure world.



Whatever Happened to Fidelity?

By Pastor Chuck Swindoll

Chuck Swindoll laments the poor example that some Christian leaders have given to their flocks by failing to practice what they preach from the pulpit

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"How to say 'No' When Lust Says 'Yes'

From the Series Staying Pure in a World Gone Wild

(Genesis 39:1-23)

It’s not the bait that constitutes sin; it’s the bite! Joseph understood this and refused to let his desire run wild when Potiphar’s wife enticed him. Let's understand how Joseph said no when lust’s offer was pleading for his yes.

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Facing Temptation

Each one of us faces our own kinds of temptations that threaten to lure us away from God's best for us. Chuck Swindoll describes sure ways to resist these lures.



Character Counts: Building a Life That Pleases God

Got Character?

Character is the moral, ethical, and spiritual fortification that keeps life steady through the tremors of compromise. Our character dictates the kinds of decisions we make and determines how we will treat those around us. Unfortunately, in today’s world, this important trait is in short supply.

More than anything, our culture needs men and women of God who are committed to character—to integrity in both their public and private lives. Join Chuck Swindoll for Character Counts: Building a Life That Pleases God as he helps you:

  • understand your need for character and its impact on every aspect of life
  • cultivate the essential traits of biblical character found in God's Word

This series will help you to become a person distinguished by godly character so you can make a meaningful impact on the world around you.

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Moral Purity
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