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Why are you looking among the dead for someone who is alive? He isn’t here!
He is risen from the dead!
Luke 24:5–6 (NLT-SE)
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Strengthening Your Grip on Prayer 
by Charles R. Swindoll

Jesus' Prayer for Us 
by Steve Johnson

What is Genuine and What is Not! 
by Nathan Potts

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Empty Handed

Love One Another
By Pastor Don McMinn

A Plea for Integrity
A Plea for Integrity
Society bends the rules and rationalizes the wrong. And Christians are behaving the same way. But the Bible tells us this is not right, there needs to be a return to integrity . . . not sinless perfection but absolute honesty and an absence of duplicity. Impossible? Daniel’s life answers this for us.

From the series Character Counts by Charles R. Swindoll.
Love One Another: 20 Practical Lessons
Love One Another: 20 Practical Lessons
Love. Misunderstood yet so powerful. And at the centre of all our relationships.

In Love One Another: 20 Practical Lessons, Don McMinn explains the “one another” commands in the New Testament and how we can transform every relationship we have - from family to work.
Strengthening Your Grip
Strengthening Your Grip
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Resources for all ages
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