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Growing Deep In The Christian Life

 Returning to Our Roots


Good theology is essential and foundational—that doesn’t mean tedious and dull!

Growing Deep in the Christian Life takes theology out of the stuffy lecture hall into the kids-and-carpools, meetings-and-deadlines world in which you live. In this series, Pastor Chuck Swindoll breathes life into theology, making biblical truth easy to understand and practical.

Sink your roots deep into Christian doctrine and find stability in storms, confidence in your faith, and a closer walk with God. With each theological truth, you’ll learn principles to apply to everyday living. Dig in!

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What's Next

The Pros and Cons of Ministry

March 16, 2023

Those preparing to embark on the journey of ministry should anticipate an exciting voyage. The trek will involve strenuous climbs over difficult terrain, but it also will lead to beautiful vistas revealing countless glimpses of God’s mercy and grace.

In this six-part series, Pastor Chuck Swindoll shares both the challenges and the joys of ministry. Join Pastor Chuck as he draws from biblical wisdom and his own experience to equip you to serve God in the manner He has called you!