Broadcast Schedule


AIR DATE                                    MESSAGE

Oct 21, 2019

                 Series: How Great Is Our God!

                 The Holiness of God


Oct 22-24


                 The Love of God


Oct 25-29

                 The Grace of God

Oct 30-31


                  The Servant Who Came


Nov 01-05


                  The Cup That He Drank


Nov 06-08

                 The Lamb That Was Slaughtered


Nov 11-13

                 The Cross We Proclaim


Nov 14-18

                 Getting Reacquainted with the Spirit of Power


Nov 19-21

                 What Does Being "Filled with the Spirit" Mean?


Nov 22-26

                 Those Unidentified Inner Promptings


Nov 27-29                                             


                 The Spirit's Most Significant Mission