About Us



Insight for Living, Inc. an Incorporated, not-for-profit Association, was registered in Victoria, Australia in 1987. The ministry was established as an administrative office, distributing resources and supporting the growing radio network in Australia. Since then it has grown in size to accommodate the ever-growing needs of listeners and callers on over 130 radio stations and 350+ frequencies in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. Each month our office in Boronia receives over 2,000 letters, phone calls and emails from listeners. Those who make contact with us often have deep personal needs. Our staff provides a caring, listening ear and often refer callers to Pastor Nathan Potts IFLA, pastorally trained counsellor or to local affiliated organisations.

Our aim is to provide simple, clear and relevant Bible teaching and resources that will help people better understand who Jesus is and will deepen their relationship with God. With recent advances in technology, IFLA is reaching out beyond radio alone to give as many Australians as possible the chance to hear God’s Word.