The Church Awakening

The church belongs to Jesus and to no one else. She is His bride. But if a local church strays from its holy calling, that church risks losing its very identity.

What can a church do, then, to remain pure and deep? God’s Word has the answer.

In this important series, Pastor Chuck Swindoll casts a clear, biblical vision of what comprises a healthy church. Learn these essential truths and timely applications in this nine-part series that will inspire church leaders and congregants alike!


01) The Church: Let's Start Here
02) Challenges, Struggles, Solutions, Priorities
03) Distinctives of a Contagious Church
04) Worship: A Commitment … Not a War, Part One
05) Worship: A Commitment … Not a War, Part Two
06) What Must the Church Realize?
07) How Should the Church React?
08) The Church on a Long Drift
09) It's Time to "Restore the Years"