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Invitation from Chuck Swindoll




Dear Friends:

No place has been more meaningful to God’s children than Israel . . . the land of the Book . . . the chief arena of His redemptive activity. He orchestrated one spectacular event after another across this narrow finger of earth to advance His grand and glorious story. From the times of the Bible until now, God has used this remarkable place to shape the lives of His people. 

Israel’s rugged hills invite you to find refuge in Christ, your Rock, while the fertile valleys remind you to seek quiet moments of rest with your Shepherd. When you sit on the temple’s Southern Steps and gaze across the Kidron Valley at the Mount of Olives, you’ll exclaim, “The LORD is king! Let the earth rejoice!” (Psalm 97:1). Visiting the Holy Land is truly an unforgettable, life-enriching, faith-deepening experience. Every time I’ve had the privilege to go, I’ve returned home personally challenged and changed . . . yes, every time.

I want you to have the same life-enriching experience!

This is why we’ve planned the Insight for Living Ministries 2023 Israel Tour to be a journey of faith, a carefully crafted adventure to bring the Word of God to life so you can draw closer to the God of the Word. 

If you’ve ever longed to visit Israel, please take advantage of this outstanding opportunity. After examining our brochure, seriously pray about joining us. Imagine the visual feast that awaits you . . . even dream a little. Because of limited space, I urge you to make your reservation soon . . . and let’s start planning this trip of a lifetime together! 

Anticipating great things ahead,



Pastor Chuck Swindoll