Flying Closer to the Flame: A Passion for the Holy Spirit

Pastor Chuck Swindoll’s series Flying Closer to the Flame removes the fog of separation many Christians feel regarding the person of the Holy Spirit.

Like reading the dictionary’s definition of fire versus seeing its blaze and feeling its heat, these 14 messages soar you nearer to the Spirit . . . so you might experience Him as you cultivate a very personal and practical relationship with Him.

Discover how to fly closer to the Flame—our mysterious, divine Helper. He’s ready! Are you?


01) Let's Get Reacquainted with the Spirit
02) The Main Agenda of God's Spirit: Transformation
03) My Sin … and "The Things of the Spirit"
04) Is the Spirit's Filling That Big a Deal?
05) The Spirit Who Surprises
06) Draw Me Nearer … Nearer
07) Those Unidentified Inner Promptings
08) The Spirit and Our Emotions
09) Thinking Theologically about Sickness and Healing
10) Biblical Case for Healing
11) When the Spirit Brings a Slow Recovery
12) Power, Power … We've Got the Power!
13) Is That All There Is to the Spirit's Ministry?
14) Let's Just Praise the Lord